Executive Protection Training Courses

These conflicts have wide-reaching impacts, resulting in disrupted health systems, poor health indicators, brain drain, re-emergence of high-threat pathogens, and the largest migration rates. The sixth course of the Clinical Management of Patients with COVID-19 course series is devoted to the rehabilitation of patients with COVID-19. The course series consists of 6 courses, which include video lectures and downloadable presentations that have been updated with the latest guidance and evidence. Each module contains 5-8 lectures, and each lecture includes a quiz to evaluate knowledge acquisition.

He has had 30 years of extensive clinical experience in Trauma and Cardiac Anesthesia, Critical Care, Perioperative Medicine, Regional Anesthesia, and acute and chronic pain management. Dr. Yu has had diverse clinical leadership roles has a thorough working understanding of critical processes, organizational change, and the management of time sensitive issues. Dr. Rosinberg is a proven leader who can simultaneously manage diverse projects. She has over 8 years of experience as a leader in corporate health and wellness, facilitating and overseeing care for executives and their families, and coordinating emergency preparedness.

This course is developed to provide theoretical knowledge on SARS-CoV-2 Ag-RDT testing. The learning package consists of 10 modules, which include recorded presentations and videos. This course provides a general introduction to Acute Respiratory Infections and basic hygiene measures to protect against infection. By the end of the course, you should be able to describe basic information about ARIs including what they are, how they are transmitted, how to assess the risk of infection and list basic hygiene measures to protect against infection. Middle Eastern Law Enforcement Training Center provides training to Dubai National Police and other officers in the region through a partnership between the government of Dubai and the FBI.

Additionally, having excellent customer service skills is necessary for providing executive protection since you may have to deal with many people in public. Other attributes may include firearms training, self-defense skills, and sound judgment and decision-making skills. Invictus is the premier training academy for security professionals looking to operate domestically or internationally. Our Personal Protection Specialist training program always functions as the most up to date training for executive protection, so our graduates are prepared to provide quality services to protect clients and their assets..

bodyguard courses and military instructional classes and an assortment of expert security administrations to organizations of all sizes just as to people willing to work in the field of safety. With worldwide, military, and business security ability, we’re prepared to deal with pretty much any test you might be confronting going from edge security, individual security, illegal intimidation concerns, guns capability to emergency executives techniques. He has over 20 years International experience providing Personal Protection, Intelligence gathering, counter terrorism operations, and High Threat Executive Protection training in both the private security sector and with the US Government. Transmission-based Precautions, when used alongside Standard Precautions, can stop or slow the spread of known or suspected infections. This course will cover the main modes of transmission, what precautions can be used stop their spread and what personal protective equipment is required when caring for patients under Transmission-based Precautions.

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