Our unique Metallic Canvas creates amazing effects

This is simply the highest quality pearlescent canvas available. Our unique Metallic Canvas creates amazing effects that are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a canvas print. The finish is silver metallic; created with a unique blend of pearlescent materials. Sign up for an account to browse our complete range and get 50% off your first sample order. Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life’s most important moments. Discover thoughtful gifts, creative ideas and endless inspiration to create meaningful memories with family and friends.

Since there is no frame, canvas prints can be displayed anywhere irrespective of the décor. A print on canvas lets you bring a painting into your home for less. Choose from reproductions of famous works by names including Van Gogh, Klimt and Turner or discover a host of contemporary artists in our collection.

Our superior framed canvas prints feature a 38mm stretched framed canvas prints within a traditional picture frame. The simple addition of a wooden picture frame gives a completely different ‘look’ to your Giclée printed wall art; quite distinct to a standard print on demand canvas. You will never have to limit your home decorating style with canvas prints. Simply mix and match different styles or personalize them to meet your decorating needs. With our variety of canvas prints, you have the flexibility to design one large photo or a collage of photos since they are printed directly on the canvas. By customizing your canvas print with text, you can commemorate a special occasion or create a unique gift.

The choice between canvas prints and framed prints is a difficult one. One of the most common customer questions is what exactly are canvas prints and their differences and benefits compared with traditional framed prints. Our premium floating frame is designed to show off the printed side of our canvas print. The black frame is set off from the canvas by ⅜ inch to show off the edge detail. Picture your canvas prints with quotes or text instead of photos for a truly unique look. You can design a personalized canvas print that displays Family Rules, Inspirational Quotes & Sayings, or choose one of our pre-built Canvas Art designs such as Peanuts.

Designed to be different than any framed canvas prints created before, our take on this popular photo display is both elegant and durable. With a sleek metal structure, balanced mat border, and negative space between the frame and canvas — every aspect of this decor piece was created to be new and exciting. The materials are high quality and made to last, ensuring this canvas photo print will be in the family for many years to come. Decorate your wall art with horizontal canvas wall art pieces from sizes ranging from 10X20,10X24,12,36, and 30X40. These canvas pieces will look great featuring your wide landscapes and wide-lensed pictures.

Use your favorite memories to create everlasting canvas prints that will look great in any home or office. Choose from various design templates that can feature up to 9 of your favorite photos. With design templates to match any occasion, these vertical canvas prints are perfect as gifts or decorating any plain wall. The thin frame sits approximately 5mm from the edge of the canvas helping to create a floating border.

Our standard framed canvas photo print features a flat canvas print inside a black or walnut frame. The frame surface extends ¼ inch beyond the face of the canvas, like a traditional framed picture. But one important thing you should keep in mind is that whether you choose a framed or an unframed canvas print, make sure it complements the entire look of your space. Give your gallery wrap canvas added movement and life with our stylish floating frames.

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