Reviews of Glarry 61

The purple cloth with the fringe, head phones, pedal, connection cord, booklet holder, clip, and cleaning cloth all comes with the package. I did not open it all the way because its a gift for my niece. Well packed arrived safely and works as advertised. If you don’t have a power outlet nearby or want to use the Casio model outside, it can run on six AA batteries.

The sustain softens the sound even more and doesn’t have a great sustain quality. The damper pedal is interesting but fair and I haven’t figured out what that middle pedal is supposed to do on this thing. Something that doesn’t matter as much to me but is interesting to note is that there are supposed to be a whole bunch of sounds. There are about 134 or so and then they repeat with just a slight change in sound. So you’ll get the harp and then harp-1, harp-2, etc In my mind that means that there are only just over 130 sounds vs 800. I don’t know how it compares to others of this price range.

Any shortages, errors, or damages made to the shipment must be notified our customer service before returns. We provide free shipping services, delivery time 5-7 Business days. digital piano utilizes the French Dream️ digital sampling sound source, with 64-note polyphony, 80 demo songs, 600 rhythms, and 800 voices. Built-in stereo speakers produce spectacular sound.

Most products on Zimtown are returnable as long as you return all original packaging, paperwork and parts in new and unused condition. 5.Through the connection of Midi input and APP, you can realize the follow-up function, Easy for beginners to learn and brings you richer and better practice and performance Experience. MIDI function allows you to connect computer, smart phone and other intelligent devices to compose music. You can use the micro USB cable to connect the computer, smart phone and other intelligent device.

There’s an audio out jack for optional connection to external amplification. The console itself is pretty heavy compared to others this size/price. Sound is decent for price, though more different types of piano tones/voices would be a nice addition. For a real professional full acoustic piano sound you will need drop closer to $1,000, but this is a good starter for the price.

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