Spy Camera Glasses

We do not store credit card details nor have access to your credit card information. Simple to operate and turn on, with a one-touch record feature. This user has an ongoing unresolved transaction for an item sold that is not delivered. Deliveries to EU and other worldwide destinations are not guaranteed by the timescales stated above, and will depend on factors that are outside our control. A ‘business day’ means Monday to Friday, excluding weekends and Bank Holidays.

Bug detection solutions appropriate for surveillance professionals and non-professionals with little experience. Computer monitoring devices to help you and your loved ones stay protected online. PC monitoring devices to assist in uncovering the truth. Another key function is possibility to label the recordings with the date and time which increases credibility of the recordings and allows for their logical archiving.

The battery has a maximum recording capacity of 90 minutes, at least, if you have a full charge. MingSung’s Video Sunglasses look like pretty ordinary sport glasses, something you might see worn by a bicyclist or fisherman. The unisex design is adequate for either men or women, though it’s arguable these glasses have a slight masculine lean to them. The glasses themselves are constructed around a frame of durable ABS plastic, which was partially chosen because it’s impact resistant. They’re slightly rubberized which makes them comfortable against skin.

Check or save the recordings by plugging the video glasses into any Windows or Mac computer. Then, you can easily playback any of your recorded files using your standard media player. With the high tech that these spy Glasses Hidden Camera, Newwings took their technology one step further. Their camera sunglasses also have Bluetooth functionality to answer your phone and record amazing videos completely hands-free.

However, you can only record 10 minutes of video in one pass. The battery is capable of about 30 minutes of constant recording. When dealing with a built-in memory capacity, you typically want to aim for about 32GB of data storage.

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